Evaluation of Teachers Education

Improvement of the profession of education lies in the hands of teacher education.

Basic purpose of pre service education is to prepare the prospective teachers to meet the challenges of that they have to face in classroom. Efficiency of teacher in classroom is only depending on the effectiveness of teacher’s training.

Education is conceived as a powerful agency, which is instrumental in bringing about the desired changes in social and cultural life of a nation. The whole process of education is shaped and molded by the human personality called the teacher, who plays a pivotal role in any system of education. The preparation of such an important functionary must conceivably get the highest priority. It is a challenging profession and only adequately prepared and teachers having sound professional attitude could shoulder the burdened responsibilities of nation building. This adequacy of preparation, off course, signifies development of reasonable skills, dedication to teaching and a determination for continuous growth and learning.

Teachers are expected to use the best practices and strategies which meet challenging demands of their career. If the teachers are well trained and highly motivated, learning will be enhanced. Teaching demands a clear set of goals, love for profession and obviously the more favorable attitude towards the profession. Pakistan needs well-trained and professionally sound teachers.

Primary education is the base of learning and an important sector of entire education system. Competent, professionally trained and enthusiastic teachers are required to teach at this level. It is a common saying that if you want a building strong then makes a strong base of it”. Same is in with the case of students at primary level. They are at their initial stage and in a way they will be prepared, they could play the best role in future.

This study will help us to know about the standard or pre service education of teachers and also we will come to know about the changes which we have to make in pre service education.


The objectives of study were

1) To measure the development of professional attitude of prospective Primary school teachers of formal and non-formal teacher training institutions.

2) To assess the effectiveness of teacher training in developing professional attitude of prospective Primary school teachers.

3) To compare the effectiveness of teacher training institutions in developing attitude of prospective Primary school teachers towards teaching profession.

4) To suggest suitable measures to improve teacher trainings.