Situation of Primary Schools in Mianwali

Education is multifaceted activity with enormous impacts on the economic, social, moral and cultural life of the people. The standard of education of a nation is the barometer of its development progress and prosperity. The state of education in Pakistan is rather in a shambles. According to the latest statistic adult literacy rate stands on 55 percent, 67% for males and 42% of Females. As stated in the constitution of Pakistan, the state is responsible “….. to provide basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, housing, education and medical relief for all citizens irrespective of sex, cast, creed or race”[Article 38 (d)]…


Inadequate financial allocations, poor infrastructure, lack of opportunities for teacher training and retrogressive syllabus are the major issues that need urgent attention. It is much needed then ever before that the Government in collaboration with Civil Society should undertake such initiatives which can be helpful to address these issues.


This research intended to meet the following objectives;

  • Collecting statistically reliable data regarding the Govt. Primary Schools of selected Union Councils.
  • Identifying the gaps in capacity and services of these Govt. Primary Schools.
  • Gathering Student, Teachers and communities perception and opinion to assess the existing situation of these Schools & needs for their improvement.